Sorry for the Delay Friends


Sorry friends For not having contact with you these days.I am really involved in many activities of social services in my city,thats why i cant able to involve me in Blogging.But now i am free i am quite happy too.So,no more delay in writing post.Here i am back friends.And forgive me too..



  1. 1
    Tie Says:

    Welcome back Isha !!

  2. 2
    cen Says:

    welcome back…do tell us about those activities.

  3. 3
    pradeep3100 Says:

    Hi this is pradeep .I read your articles they were really cool i have started a new blog kindly visit my site and comment on my posts and add my link in your blogroll.My url is

  4. 4

    welcome back….hope u had a good time—social servicing other people!

  5. 5
    roslinda Says:

    hi isha?
    how are you?tq for dropin’ by..I’ll add u as my friend list ok?

  6. 6
    pradeep3100 Says:

    Oh you were involved in Social activities ah thats cool! can you tell me those activities so that i can also involve myself in those kinda things.Welcome to youth hostel via regency.

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