My favorite place


This is my favorite place on earth. Sky pond in Rocky Mountain National Park. I first hiked there as a little one when I went to Cheley Colorado summer camp in Estes Park. I’ve hike to it numerous times since then. Once after college. And just a few years ago…though I have to admit, climbing the water fall up to this lake when I was over 24 was just a tish harder than in … 😯 Is this not the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen???.Friends you tell me your favorite place?.



  1. 1
    umie Says:

    wow!!! nice scenery… I wish I”ll be there…

  2. 2
    penguin Says:

    wow, looks awesome, =]
    favorite place huh? SOGO KL because there are always sales there. haha!

  3. 3
    pradeep Says:

    chi pe .. . . . . . .regency is my fav place

  4. 4
    mark Says:


    nice place! really is!

  5. 5
    Emily  Says:

    wow, i am impressed with this site…

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