A new entertainment

December 18, 2009

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Chennai Sangamam

January 16, 2009

chennai sangamam

What is Chennai Sangamam? India is a land of culture.So there are hundreds of things that act as a back bone which makes our country stand in our own culture.Well when we talk about india’s culture,every state has its own religious type of culture.Likewise in Tamilnadu we have lots of festivals which portays our culture.But the only Festival of India that belongs to people of all religions, as well as to the non-believers. The harvest fest of Tamil antiquity – The Pongal re-discovering itself as urban thanksgiving. It’s Chennai Sangamam. More than 3000 performers ignited the spirit of Chennai for seven days with around 4000 performances. All in parks, streets and beaches. From January 10-16, 2009. This is a longest and biggest Open Festival of India.

The thing i liked in chennai sangamam was the performers from the various parts of tamilnadu.The important thing is that most of the performers are from some rural parts of the state.The performance were really cool and very touching.My house is in Besant Nagar ,Thank god!! they also orgainsed ter show in Elliots beach.I went their with my friend SHILPA .The performance that i saw was Silambatam,Karakatam,Villupattu……..You know something friends the last day performance was finished by my favourite drummer SHIVA MANI …I loved that performance,really mind blowing performance…

The reason why Chennai Sangamam is held during the Thai season is that it is a way of thanksgiving to the urban people. Generally, Pongal is more popular in agrarian lands and villages, but not so popular in urban areas.But anyways friend’s this pongal was all setted to mega festivity with unlimited galatta and enjoyement, Chennai rocked this Pongal,without doubt 😆 .

chennai sangamamshiva mani rocksclosing ceremony